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Give the gift of great sound this holiday.

Chances are, your holiday shopping list contains a pretty broad range of people. There are almost as many kinds of music out there as there are kinds of people in your life. So what are some great go-to’s for the music lovers on your list? We true believers in music and want people to be able to experience their music in ways that are engineered just for their tastes. So, check out this guide of gift pairings and maybe you can check some names off your list while you’re at it.

The Armchair Sound Engineer

Some people like to sit back and close their eyes and get lost in the same music time and time again. Maybe it’s because every time they listen, they can hear something different or notice a subtlety they haven’t before in their favorite classic rock tunes. So, what do you gift this person? Once the most famous unreleased albums of all time, The Beach Boys’ “Smile Sessions,” has recently seen the light of day. With its plethora of sound studio genius, it’s a great choice for the classic pop connoisseur in your life. Gift it with our Koss Pro4AA Studio Quality Headphones – a favorite of many an industry professional. For goose bump inducing harmonics, this duo gift packs a double whammy.

Gift Idea:

"Smile Sessions" - Beach Boys

Koss Pro4AA Stereophones

The Sound History Student

There are many reasons the technology of Porta Pro has remained unchanged since 1984. We’ve refused to mess with a good thing and the Porta Pro have a developed cult following all over the world. Earlier this week, it was ranked as one of the best headphones by cNET. Now, with a whole new generation of devotees, the Porta Pro continues to deliver a big sound in a portable package. Lightweight and foldable, the Porta Pro travels nicely in a book bag, which might help to explain their popularity with the college set. With a nod to retro electronica, and an ear on the future, the new album “Hurry Up We’re Dreaming” by M83 is a great add-on gift to the Porta Pro. M83 uses a very broad palette of sounds and our Porta Pro scores high marks in capturing them all.

Gift Idea:

"Hurry Up We're Dreaming" - M83

Koss Porta Pro

The Urban Escapist

Does the music lover on your list use music as an escape? Whether it’s a frequent flyer or a subway commuter, some listeners have as much a need to block outside noise and lose themselves inside the music. This is where the Koss QZPro noise cancelling headphone comes in handy. Dissolve into a world of sound with Yo-Yo Ma’s latest project “The Goat Rodeo Sessions” and find yourself in a world of cinematic nuances. Teaming this master of sound with ours will transport any listener to an entirely different place.

Gift Idea:

"The Goat Rodeo Sessions" - Yo-Yo Ma

QZPro Noise Cancelling Headphones

The Mod on the Move

For some, it’s nice to be ale to lose yourself in sound without losing touch with the world around them, especially when they’re on the go. That’s why many road warriors choose our Isolation Earbud Stereophones. With an in-line volume control and a stay-put fit, these stereophones let the mover and shaker in your life travel with a personal soundtrack. Want to amp your gift? Check out the newly remastered rerelease of The Who’s “Quadrophenia” on our spiffed up KDX200 Aluminum model and let the music reign.

Gift Idea:

"Quadrophenia" - The Who

Earbud & In-ear Headphones

The Eternal Classic

Like one of the symbols of the season, the tannenbaum, great recordings have an evergreen quality that can withstand the test of time. We come back to our favorites again and again, like a reliable friend, and they deliver. With that idea in mind, we partnered with our friend the legendary Tony Bennett, and developed what we call The Perfect Pair. What better to listen to on our Tony Bennett Signature Headphones than his fabulous new recording “Duets II”? The album consists of 17 top-notch duets with some of the biggest names in entertainment. With a gift pairing like this, your music lover will be in great company, not to mention eternally grateful.

Gift Idea:

Tony Bennett Signature Edition Full Size Headphones

Have a specific type of person in mind? Let us know and we’d be more than happy to make a recommendation!


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