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I knew you when…spotlight on a few of your local faves

Not too long ago we asked our Facebook friends, “Who is your favorite local musician?” From street corner troubadours to hard-working bar bands, singer-songwriters to high-energy rock acts, we all know and love a few artists who capture the sound of your city. 

Of the responses we received, for some, it was hard to learn more about them (note to local musicians: don’t forget to help potential fans find your music online). Others were, perhaps, too famous to be considered local anymore. So here are a few user faves we’d like to highlight.


Dad Horse Experience

It’s hard to believe that Dad Horse Experience is from Germany, and not from Boone County, West Virginia. Citing inspirations ranging from Hawkwind to Washington Phillips to Johnny Cash, the music of Dad Horse has been dubbed Keller Gospel (Keller = cellar in German). “Keller-Gospel,” songwriter Dad Horse Ottn explains, “is meant to be sung in the dark and lonesome basements — the places where the light is most desperately needed.” While they may not exemplify music of their original locale, their sound has an unmistakable regional influence that reaches beyond borders.

I'm Not A Pilot

I'm Not a Pilot

Hailing from our neck of the woods, I’m Not A Pilot is one of Milwaukee’s favorite bands. A dynamic, orchestral palette with electro-pop sensibilities, these showmen manage to rock the house with nary an electric guitar in sight. They do feature guitar simulated electric cello though, along with rich piano stylings, a solid rhythm section and soaring vocal harmonies, all of which are sure to keep them aloft in our local music scene and beyond. If you like heartfelt driving melodies, be sure to check them out. 

Derek Chafin

Derek Chafin

Philadelphian Derek Chafin made his stage debut with the Philadelphia Opera Company when he was 10 years old. As a member of numerous Philly bands (The Darrows, X's + O's, Head, and Superstatic), and then as a solo act, Derek gained notoriety for his sophisticated songwriting and lushly melodic recordings. If his albums The Glad House and Echoplexed are any example of his musical storytelling chops, his next release is sure to be the “electro-organic mash up” that he promises. 

Thanks to our Facebook friends for the suggestions. Keep supporting local live music in your town!­­­


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