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Wi-Fi vs Blutooth - The Choice is Clear

Wi-Fi vs Bluetooth – The Choice is Clear

Find out the advantages of Wi-Fi over Bluetooth! Discover how STRIVA is revolutionizing the way you listen to music!

Koss has cut the cord thanks to STRIVA Wi-Fi technology. Our STRIVA headphones are the first in the world to have a built-in Wi-Fi receiver so you can stream thousands of free, high-quality internet radio stations directly to your STRIVA headphones wherever you have a Wi-Fi connection. Don’t have a Wi-Fi connection? You can still stream music wirelessly from your smart phone, MP3 player or any other device with audio output with the STRIVA  CAP.

Wi-Fi gives STRIVA technology and advantage over Bluetooth in range and bandwidth. With your STRIVA headphones on you have the freedom to walk up to 300 feet away from the source while enjoying an exceptional sound. Because STRIVA brings Wi-Fi to Hi-Fi you receive low compression, near lossless Audio data which creates a much more natural and enjoyable listening experience.  Bluetooth is useful when transferring data between two devices if speed is not an issue. Wi-Fi was built to facilitate data transfer on networks securely.  

Wi-Fi wireless headphones Vs. Bluetooth headphones

Wi-Fi (802.11g)

Bluetooth (v2)



30ft (class2, class 1 up to 300ft)

Direct line of sight

Minimal interference without

Significant interference without


24 Mbps (up to 54Mbps)

2.1 Mbps

Primary devices

Notebook computers, desktop computers, servers

Mobile phones, mouse, keyboards, office and industrial automation devices

Sound data transmission

Near lossless

High compression

Specifications Authority


Bluetooth SIG

Hardware requirement

Wireless adaptors on all the devices of the network, a wireless router and/or wireless access points

Bluetooth adaptor on all the devices connecting with each other

Availability of free data




More secure (with WPA2)

Less secure

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