• Mini Wi-Fi Transmitter
  • Use with STRIVA PRO or STRIVA TAP headphones
  • Up to 300ft range

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Take your music with you everywhere. Wirelessly.

Every pair of STRIVA PRO and STRIVA TAP headphones comes bundled with its own Content Access Point (CAP), a mini Wi-Fi transmitter which sends audio from any stereo sound source to your STRIVA-powered headphones—wirelessly. Just the width of a silver dollar, it’s easy to plug your STRIVA CAP into the headphone jack of your laptop, tablet, mobile device, MP3 player or stereo to enjoy crystal-clear audio up to 300 feet away—well beyond Bluetooth® and many other wireless audio varieties. Experience the freedom of cutting the cord while still staying connected to your music with the STRIVA CAP.

What’s included:

  • STRIVA CAP wireless transmitter
  • 2 straps to attach STRIVA CAP to mobile devices
  • Mini USB-to-audio cable (allows STRIVA CAP to stream audio from any stereo mini output)

System requirements:

  • A computer capable of running Java with a USB connector: Windows, Mac OSX or Linux (required for initial headphone setup)
  • Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Firefox with the latest version of Java installed
  • An email address to validate your setup
  • A wireless access point or router that you can identify by name (SSID) and for which you know the password (if password protected)


  • STRIVA CAP Battery Life: 3 hours / 2 hours (STRIVA CAP mode)
  • Wi-Fi range: 300ft (in an optimal operating environment)
  • AC adapter: 100/240Vac, 50/60Hz 

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