ED1TC Insitutional Headphones


Key Features:

  • Durable commercial and institutional headphone
  • Plastic ear cups for convenient cleaning
  • Durable design for multiple users, young and old
  • 4-foot cord and 3.5mm plug
  • Covered under the Koss Stereophones Limited Lifetime Warranty

Ideal for schools, libraries and training departments, the ED1TC commercial and institutional headphones incorporates a plastic ear cup that allows easy cleaning with maximum durability in a multiple user environment. Formed from highly durable ABS plastic, the ear cup creates a seal and vacuum to the ear that reduces ambient noise interference and leakage so the sound comes through loud and clear.

The ED1TC institutional headphones feature an adjustable headband and a dynamic element for full frequency response. Ultra-durable, the cups and headband have been designed to fit a wide variety of head sizes, from children to adults, for everyday use. Improve cushions hygiene and avoid crumbling and flaking foam ear cushions with the Koss ED1TC institutional headphone.

  • Plastic ear clip and housing of the element can be cleaned with a soft cloth and alcohol-based cleaning solution
  • Care should be taken to avoid an excess liquid from entering the speaker element of the product
  • Highly durable ABS plastic ear cups
  • Reduces ambient noise interference
  • Covered under the Koss Stereophones Limited Lifetime Warranty


ED1TC Institutional Headphones

Frequency Response 100-20,000 Hz
Impedance 32 Ohms
Sensitivity 98dB SPL
Cord Straight, Single Entry, 4ft

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