HB70T Wireless Transmitter Cables

HB70T Wireless Transmitter Cables

Koss’s wireless audio experience begins and ends with the HB70 Infrared Wireless System. And the HB70 system begins with the HB70T Transmitter. Wireless technology that delivers approximately 250 square feet of convenient, cordless coverage, the HB70T Transmitter connects to most audio and video systems, and is ideal for home theater and video use.
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Sold separately, the HB70S behind-the-head headphones, the HB75 infrared headphones, and the HB70A Adapter complete the system to offer the coveted Sound of Koss.
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Key Features:

  • Connectivity to most audio and video systems makes it ideal for home theater/video use
  • Covered under the Koss Stereophones Limited Lifetime Warranty