88.9 Radio Milwaukee Music Awards

Last night 88.9 Radio Milwaukee hosted their annual Music Awards. Koss had the pleasure of presenting the 'Solo Artist of the Year' award to our friend WebsterX. We were also treated to incredible performances from Siren, Lex Allen, Lorde Fredd33, Klassik, No No Yeah Okay, Greatest Lakes, and DJ Kiki Champ. See highlights below:

Critics Choice Award Winner, Klassick
Lorde Fredd33 and WebsterX Lorde Fredd33 and WebsterX


Saxophonist Jay Anderson catches the show before performing with Siren and Klassik


151204_MKE_889Awards_DSC_0380BP Siren
151204_MKE_889Awards_DSC_0469BP Lex Allen performing with No Name Noise
151204_MKE_889Awards_DSC_0502BP This Is Our Year: Lex Allen and Lorde Fredd33


151204_MKE_889Awards_DSC_0729BP Producer Q The Sun, and Radio Milwaukee DJ Jordan Lee
151204_MKE_889Awards_DSC_0820BP Greatest Lakes
151204_MKE_889Awards_DSC_0804BP WebsterX accepting the Solo Artist of the Year award.


151204_MKE_889Awards_DSC_0853BP Beno Beetho, Q The Sun, Lorde Fredd33, and Bo Triplex.
151204_MKE_889Awards_DSC_0843BP Nick Edmonds, WebsterX, and Music Video of the Year winner - Damien Klaven