Koss + MilwaukeeHome Headphones

gDmH3zPYLate last year, we began collaborating with MilwaukeeHome to design exclusive headphones that celebrate the city we call home.

Sporting the Milwaukee Flag colorway - the all-new Koss + MilwaukeeHome UR42i is now available exclusively at and the MilwaukeeHome Store.

Located in Milwaukee's Third Ward, the MilwaukeeHome Store features the Koss Stereophone Booth which was unveiled in the fall of 2017.

Our one of a kind Stereophone Booth offers a truly unique listening experience where you will find a wide range of Koss Headphones including the exclusive Koss + MilwaukeeHome UR42i, all available to try. Just step in, close the door and plug in your music player.


Koss Milwaukee Home UR42i Headphones

Koss + MilwaukeeHome Headphones

The Koss + MilwaukeeHome UR42i over-ear headphones pack powerful studio sound into a portable, fold-flat unit.

Sporting the Milwaukee Flag colo way - this special edition of the UR42i features the MilwaukeeHome logo. The natural fitting, iconic “D-profile” earcup, first featured on the ergonomically designed Koss Pro4AAA and now available on many Koss headphones. The D-profile mimics the shape of the ear, creating an ideal seal for the most consistent sound reproduction.

Along with the prefect fit, the UR42i has a detachable cord with dual-choice entry, allowing the user to choose which earcup to connect to for optimum adaptability. Once the cord is attached, the opposite side becomes an output, allowing pass-through listening or daisy chaining for extended monitoring. The included cord features a one-touch microphone and remote so users can stay connected and in control.

The Koss + Milwaukee Home Headphones are available now at, the MilwaukeeHome Store in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward and The Waxwing on Milwaukee's East Side.