All-new Koss CS195 & CS200 Communication Headset Headphones

The all-new Koss CS195 and CS200 communication headset headphones are perfect for at the office, language learning programs, or taking Internet conference calls.

The lightweight, single-sided design enables listeners to monitor the outside world while remaining comfortably connected.

The Koss CS195 and CS200 communication headset headphones full range of sound brings conversations to life. Featuring the unique Koss D-Profile earcup design, both fit the shape of the ear for the perfect fit. The flexible, hands-free electret noise-cancelling boom microphone with detailed sensitivity and reduced sound distortion is perfect for multi-taskers.

The Koss CS195 and CS200 communication headset headphones connect to devices through two 3.5mm plugs for analog headphone and microphone audio. If your device requires a USB connection, there is also a CS195-USB and CS200-USB available. All versions of the new CS195 and CS200 are available at or

     CS195                                                  CS195-USB

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     CS200                                                  CS200-USB

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