Headphones for Healthcare Systems

As healthcare moves more and more to Telemedicine and Virtual Visits - Doctors on demand need ways in which they can clearly and confidently communicate with their patients. Koss offers a wide variety of solutions to help Physicians communicate with their patients via Virtual Visits.

Our robust line of Communication Headset feature USB or a single 3.5mm TRRS Connection. If you're looking for something more traditional, Koss offers Over-Ear, On-Ear and In-Ear Headphones with in-line microphones that feature a single 3.5mm TRRS plug that works with the headphone jack found on most modern computers and tablets.

Koss also has a line of Multi-User Institutional Headphones specifically designed to be cleaned and disinfected with alcohol-based cleaning solution, sani wipes or other disinfectant wipes.*

What ever your need may be at your Hospital, Clinic or Healthcare facility, Koss has solutions that will work with your equipment. All Koss Communication Headsets and Headphones that feature in-line microphones feature the Koss Limited Lifetime Warranty so your Healthcare system can rest assured that you will always have a product that works for you and your staff.

Explore our three different connectors below to chose what Headset or Headphone is right for you.

*To see if your organizations preferred disinfectant wipes, sprays or cleaners can be used, please contact: Koss Customer Service

USB Connection

Koss Communication Headsets featuring a USB-A plug allow audio and microphone connection over one convenient connector found on most modern computers. Koss Communication Headsets feature a lightweight design, are available in single or double-sided ear-cups, noise-cancelling electret microphones and come with the Koss Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Made For: Laptops with USB-A, Desktops with USB-A & Tablets with USB-A

Koss Products: CS95, CS100, CS195, CS200, CS295, CS300, SB42, SB45, GMR-540-ISO USB & GMR-545-AIR USB

TRRS 3.5mm Connection

You don't need USB to connect your Koss Headphones to a computer. Koss Headphones with in-line Microphones feature a TRRS 3.5mm plug which transfers audio and microphone output through a single convenient plug through your computer, laptop or tablet headphone jack. Koss Headphones that include an in-line microphone are perfect for Working at Home, Video Conference Calls, Telephone Calls, Schools, Home Education, at the Office, Telemedicine, Virtual Visits or anywhere a microphone is needed. Just plug and play - It's that easy. All Koss Headphones that feature an in-line microphone come with the Koss Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Made For: Laptops with separate audio in/out, Desktops with separate audio in/out & Desk phones with separate audio in/out

Koss Products: CS200i, UR42i, UR10i, ED1TCi, KPH30i, Porta Pro® Mic + Remote, KSC22i, UR23i, Keb15i, Keb25i & Keb9i

Dual-Plug Connection

If your computer features separate dual-plug connection for audio and microphone output, most Koss Communication headsets are available with dual-plug configurations. Just like their USB counterparts, dual-plug Koss Communication Headsets feature the same lightweight design, are available with single or double-sided ear-cups, noise-cancelling electret microphones and the Koss Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Made For: Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Mobile Phones & Deskphones with a single headphone jack*

Koss Products: CS95, CS100, CS195, CS200, SB40, SB42, SB45, SB49, GMR-540-ISO & GMR-545-AIR


*check the device manufacturers specifications for compatibility, may require an adapter