IDSA Presents: Design Process by Koss

In 1958, John C. Koss invented the World's First SP/3 Stereophone. Since then Koss has been designing and manufacturing iconic headphones and audio accessories such as the Pro4AAPorta Pro®, and the Pro4S.

When it comes to the aesthetic of Koss products, they are primarily driven by the functions that they perform. Factors such as fit, durability, and acoustics factor heavily into the final design. When deployed successfully, form and function are indistinguishable from one another.

IDSA Koss headhphonesThis week the ISDA (Industrial Designers Society of America) welcomed Kegan McDaniel (Koss Creative Director) and Nick Blair (Koss Sr. Industrial Designer) to speak at the Hudson Business Lounge in Milwaukee's Third Ward about the Brand and Design Philosophy behind the design and heritage of Koss Stereophones.

Kegan and Nick led a group of industrial design professionals and MIAD design students through the development process of the GMR-545-AIR and GMR-540-ISO Gaming Headphones. They shared their inspiration behind the designs, the methods used in the development process and the advanced tools used to create them.

Koss GMR Concept to CreationMIADThe Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design) is a four-year, professional college of art and design.