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Introducing the All-New KPH30i On-Ear Headphones

The all-new KPH30i On-Ear Headphones provide lightweight, adjustable portability with incredibly spacious sound for on the go use. The Koss KPH30i is a direct descendant of the Koss Pro35 and popular Koss KTXPro1.

2017_0606_KPH30i_Coffee_6With modern features like an in-line microphone and remote, the KPH30i keeps listeners connected all while enjoying their favorite tunes.
An all-new patent pending suspension, creates the absolute perfect fit for hours of comfortable listening enjoyment. The lightweight on-ear headphones feature an open-air design with smooth bass and clean treble. The 60-ohm elements are perfectly tuned for use on the go with most mobile hardware content players.

Plug in the KPH30i using the new rugged cable system with spring reinforced strain relief that is built to last.  KPH30i is available NOW on Koss.com and Amazon.com.