Koss Audio Adapter (TRRS)

You don't need USB to connect your Communication Headset to a computer if your headset has separate microphone and audio plugs.

The Koss Audio Adapter (TRRS) allows users to adapt their current dual plug headsets with newer compatible laptops, tablets and gaming devices with a single TRRS headphone jack.

The Koss Audio Adapter features 2 x 3.5mm female jack plug (TRS) to a single 3.5mm male jack (TRRS) plug. The Koss Audio Adapter is a CTIA standard audio splitter that works with any headphone/mic setup that is base off a 3.5mm jack and features clearly labeled plugs for easy identification of mic and headphone inputs.

Below is the full-line of Koss Communication Headsets compatible with the Koss Audio Adapter (TRRS).