Understanding Koss Headphones with TRRS In-Line Microphones

Koss Headphones with in-line Microphones work with Computers, Tablets and Smart Phones that have a headphones jack.

Because TRRS or Tip/Ring/Ring/Sleeve 3.5mm plug configuration allows stereo audio, as well as microphone output, to pass through a single plug - Koss Headphones that include an in-line microphone are perfect for Working at Home, Video Conference Calls, Telephone Calls, Schools, Home Education, at the Office or anywhere a microphone is needed. Just plug and play - It's that easy.

Koss has a wide variety of on-ear and over-ear headphones such as the UR42i, UR23i, KPH30i, Porta Pro® Mic + Remote and others that include an in-line microphone with a single TRRS 3.5mm plug.

If you're looking for traditional headphones that still feature a microphone Click below to explore our list of Koss Headphones that all come with an in-line microphone using a TRRS 3.5mm plug.