DJ Headphones

Take your DJ skills to the next level with Koss headphones

When you’re in the market for DJ headphones, there are a lot of features to look out for. Noise isolation, comfort, and portability are just a few of the many qualities you should never have to sacrifice when it comes to headphones. Whether you’re a professional, beginner or just an avid listener, Koss’ DJ headphones are durably engineered to amplify your music experience.

Our DJ Headphones Feature:

  • Noise isolation
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Cushioned comfort

Featured Koss DJ Headphones:


The Koss PRODJ200’s are designed for both professionals and music enthusiasts alike. With metal ear cups and a 180-degree swivel feature, these noise-isolating headphones come with a detachable cord design for multipurpose use.


The Pro4S studio headphones are specifically crafted for music professionals. Their iconic “D-profile” design mimics the shape of the ear, creating a comfortable fit and consistent sound reproduction.


The BT540i’s are wirelessly built and outfitted with precision-tuned Koss PLX40 Dynamic Elements. These over ear headphones feature premium leather memory foam cushions for the ultimate comfort experience.

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