KSC75 Ear Clip

KSC75 Ear Clip

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  • The Sound of Koss

    Whether your listening at home or on the go, the Koss KSC75 delivers all the excitement of a live performance

  • Ear Clip Design

    The unique pivoting ear clip design is the ideal headphone for music lovers living an active lifestyle

  • Lightweight Design

    Small enough to fit in your pocket, take the Koss KSC75 wherever you go

Key Features:

  • High fidelity clip headphones
  • Exceptionally wide frequency response
  • Computer-optimized neodymium, iron, and boron rare-earth magnet structures deliver amazing clarity at any volume
  • Include a straight, dual entry, 4 foot cord with gold-flashed 3.5 mm (1/8") plug
  • Pivoting clips promise accommodating fit
  • Enjoy greater volume despite low-voltage portable devices
  • Covered under the Koss Stereophones Limited Lifetime Warranty