Running Headphones

Get in the zone with gear that boosts your running experience

Nothing powers you through a workout like a pump up playlist. Koss’ running headphones deliver a high quality sound and comfortable fit to match. With multiple sweat-resistant options to choose from, Koss’ earphones and clip headphones will stay put during even your toughest workouts.

Our Running Headphones Feature:

  • Impeccable sound quality
  • Comfortable feel
  • Secure fit

Featured Running Headphones:


Koss FitBuds were designed by women, for women. These sweat-resistant earbuds are surrounded by dual-injected, soft-rubberized housing, and were crafted to fit perfectly in the female ear.

FitClips KSC32i

Koss FitClips rest comfortably around the ear to create the ultimate undisrupted listening experience. These headphones are durably designed and sweat resistant to ensure an outstanding workout experience.


Koss Clipper Sport Clips are designed for the active listener that demands great sound quality. These high fidelity headphones deliver lightweight comfort and stay put during your most intense workouts.

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